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Just What Is A Good Life Coach?

If you find yourself somewhat lacking in your life, but you’re not sure why you might consider hiring a life coach. Many adults find themselves struggling to create a basic life for themselves, as they fight to establish a stable home, get their physical health to a good level, have friends to hang out with and hobbies to do, and on top of it, all find a stable source of income or a decent job.

Those are all good basics in creating a stable, safe life. However, once they have been attained, many people might feel an emptiness. They’ve established solid boundaries in their life, but they’re unfulfilled, or they have greater ambitions they hope to achieve.

If they’re not sure how to go after them, then using a life coach is a great thing to do, but only if they get a good life coach.

Unfortunately, almost anyone can call themselves a life coach, since there’s no regulation or certification required, and many life coaches just share the many self-help ideas and books they’ve read.

A good life coach is one who is already leading a life that most people would envy, which shows they know what they are doing. They still have goals and dreams yet to happen, but they’re also working on them and just believe they’ll happen.

There’s really only two ways to know if a life coach is a good life coach. The first is to listen to previous or existing clients. Are they taking comfort in the fact that they turned to a professional counsellor to guide them? Or are they actually excited by what the life coach is guiding them towards?

The second way is to just try out a life coach. There should be commitment-free contracts so you can go a month or two to get a feel for how they fit you.

For those enjoying their lives right now, we salute you..