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How To Choose The Best Life Coach in Armagh..

Who is a life coach? He or she is an individual with very specific traits and the primary objective of helping people achieve their full potential, goals, and dreams in a variety of life situations.

A life coach aligned with your cause will provide guidance, motivation, acknowledgement and the support necessary to move forward towards attaining your goals. However, looking for a good life coach can be a daunting task. Below are some tips that will help you choose the best life coach in Armagh.

Look for a certified life coach
Choose a life coach who is a member of International Coach Federation (ICF). This will protect you from fraud and ensure that you will work with someone who knows and follows professional practice and ethics guidelines.

Check the credentials
Do your research and find out if the life coach you are about to choose has completed advanced training programs. The coach should also have a proven track record and relevant college degrees. A good life coach will have his or her basic proof of competence and ability from such a highly academic field of study.

It is a good idea to choose a life coach who has been in the industry for several years. As much as possible choose full-time coaches over part-time coaches as full-time coaches usually have more knowledge and experience than part-time coaches.

A highly experienced life coach in Armagh could have worked for several years as a clinical therapist, psychologist, counsellor or psychiatrist full time in a major institute. Qualifications are important when choosing a life coach but so is the practical experience your chosen life coach has had in their field.

Ask for free consultations

A consultation will be very helpful as it will enable you to determine whether a life coach is the best. It will also help you determine ahead of time what you can achieve in the coaching program. It is important that you can work together well to make the programs fruitful and enjoyable.

Evaluate a couple of points after meeting the life coach you want to hire. What kind of feeling did you get after the consultation? Ask yourself the following questions:
-Did you feel comfortable talking with the life coach?
-Did you feel an exchange of positive energy?
-How good is the life coach in exploring your issue?
-How confident are you that this life coach can help you achieve your goals and dreams?
-Did the flow of the conversation go smoothly?
-Can you see yourself prospering through an ongoing relationship with this coach?
-Did the consultation leave you wanting more?

Inquire about the Life Coaching Rate

Make sure that you inquire about the rates and all the things that will be included before signing up. Some life coaches in Armagh charge more than the usual rate because they offer unlimited coaching time, unlimited email support and regular telephone conversations.

Life coaching can help fast track you to a sense of purpose and clarity so that you can lead a happy, prosperous and fulfilled life. All these can be achieved by choosing the Best Armagh Life Coach who understands your needs.

Because there can only be one – Best Armagh Life Coach!